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You Can Celebrate Greek… TWO days this year!
Thursday, November 10th
-AND- Sat., Nov. 12th, 2016

Open: 11am - 2pm (new time)

Where: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
1701 E. Saginaw St. (corner of Marshall/Saginaw across street from new Pattengill Middle School)

Holy Trinity's Ladies Philoptochos Society

The Ladies Philoptochos Society is the main philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Church. Philoptochos is composed of local, diocesan and national memberships and is the second largest women's religious charitable organization in the United States. It is represented at the United Nations on the Economic and Social Council.

Philoptochos is a transliteration of the actual Greek word meaning "friends of the poor". The local chapter of the Philoptochos at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church contributes to national and local organizations to help the community.

Locally, in the Lansing area, the local Philoptochos supports:

Nationally, the local Philoptochos supports:

At the diocese level, the local Philoptochos supports:

Within the parish, Philoptochos supports the parish's own Odyssey and Sunday school programs, as well as frequent contributions to miscellaneous church maintenance and repair. The local Philoptochos also hosts several fundraisers per year, mainly the well known Athenian Luncheon and Bake Sale every November.

The Ladies Philoptochos Society looks forward to seeing you at the 67th Annual Athenian Luncheon and Bake Sale!

 “Celebrate Your Love of Greek Food & Pastries!”

on Thursday, November 10th
-AND- Sat., Nov. 12th, 2016!

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